This is a one stop resource for Bart Bellon®'s dog seminars and information about Bart Bellon®'s NePoPo® Dog Training System.

Bart won the Belgian Ring Championship in 1992 with Flup, his crossbreed German Shepherd / Malinois dog, and between 1992 and 2002 while Bart was Training Director, Bart's club boasted seven Belgian Ring Champions! 

In 2002, Bart again became the Belgian Champion with his well known Malinois, Zodt. Together with Dr. Helmut Raiser, Bart made the video `Contact` and was the brain behind the concept, `Dances with Malinois`.

Bart now has a pay per view video site at www.bartbellon.com where Bart is creating a full repertoire of NePoPo® training videos in four languages. He also has a webshop (www.dogsport.be) in Belgium where he sells the Chameleon® and other training tools.

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Bart Bellon® Pay-Per-View Videos can be found at www.bartbellon.com